Who are we?

Our team is dedicated to a revolutionary solution for a longstanding problem: organic waste streams are major sources of clean energy. Yet we treat them as problems to eliminate, rather than opportunities. One really large energy hogs is Wastewater Treatment, and specifically aerating the water. 3% of of US Electricity is used to power Aeration, the most critical phase of Wastewater Treatment. and a process invented in 1914.  Aeration uses >27B kWh in the US every day. 

Our Mission

Instead of using energy to break down waste, let's break down waste to yield energy. Efficiently.

With VIVA MFC, aeration is completely unnecessary. We treat organic waste while generating energy. Plus other benefits: 

  • flexible form factor

  • significant reduction of solids

  • 24/7 real-time system monitoring

  • integrates into existing WWT equipment or side-stream as a  pre-treatment solution

After 4+ years of serious R&D and Process Engineering, VIVA MFC is coming soon; an energy-positive wastewater solution for Industrial Food & Beverage and Municipal wastewater.