VIVA™... The Revolution

VIVA™ MFC is the world's first scalable microbial fuel cell platform for wastewater treatment and energy recovery. We've created a novel, proprietary materials set that delivers high performance and longevity. Plus, a flexible form factor for all types of applications. And because we build MFC's at scale, we are competitive with conventional alternatives. (Like Aeration & MBRs.) 

VIVA is ideal for low-strength waste (Municipal Treatment) and higher strength waste (Food & Beverage Manufacturing). With VIVA, Secondary treatment is energy-positive, and we can retrofit to existing tanks, or side-stream, based on your needs.

Are you a small Food/Bev manufacturer, and don't have a wastewater system? We can help. with a compact Pre-treatment solution, to eliminate your municipal fees.

Drop us a line and find out how VIVA MFC can work for your plant?

waterwater aeration

Aeration Blows.   VIVA™ Doesn't

VIVA performs aerobic treatment in an anaerobic environment. The microbes "breathe through a wire", using our solid electrodes as part of their respiratory process.

For more information on the technology fundamentals, click here.

Real time monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

While microbes treat organic waste, they generate DC current, which also happens to be a great indicator of process health.

You can see, in real time, how much BOD your system is processing, and anticipate problems before they arise.


Get Going Fast. (Who waits?)

Priming the microbial culture can be a complex and time-consuming when installing a new treatment system. 

With our patented approach, you start with a stable, fully inoculated system. 

waste water treatment

Two Processes in One

Without aeration, handling solids are easier too.  With VIVA™, solids settle simultaneously with treatment.  Simpler. And less energy-intensive.