What else can we do?

MICROrganic is the first and only company to scale MFCs for industrial-scale applications.

Our focus is Wastewater Treatment  - Municipal and Food & Beverage processing. There's a lot of energy to save in these markets. 

But, MFCs are a platform technology. They can do more. From Waste-to-Energy and Energy-Positive Desalination, to Basic Sanitation. We've got our eye on the future. Interested in exploring a project with us? Let's talk.

Disaster Relief & Military

VIVA™ consumes minimal power and has a quick start up - a powerful tool when treatment is critical and resources are constrained.

Oxygen Reduction Catalysts

We're interested in new catalysts that boost system performance.  Have a catalyst that you think might be a good fit? 

Ultra-Autonomous Robotics (really!)

MFCs generate power from just about anything that can decompose - well-suited for scenarios requiring power in the most remote areas.

Energy Positive Desalination

VIVA can be modified to provide an ionic gradient while treating organic waste.  A natural evolution of VIVA, with a twist.